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I'm basically okay with everything, will make this prettier soon

If you are not okay with creepy mad scientist medical stuff (including but not limited to casual yet graphic threats of dissection) please drop me a line

Note: Currently, Stein is not using any form of his actual name in Snowblind. He's going by "Doctor Stitches".
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Player Information

Name: Hydok
Age: 24
Contact Info: [ profile] hydok
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information

Name: Dr. Franken Stein
Canon: Soul Eater (anime)
Age: 29 (estimated)
Gender: Male
Canon Point: Between episodes 33-34 (immediately before the Battle for the BREW arc)
Background Link:Wiki. What applies to this app is everything from "Remedial Lessons Arc" to "Post Kishin's Revival" sections, the rest is manga-specific, and/or after his canonpoint.

Inventory: Clothing (lab coat, short-sleeved turtleneck shirt, pants, boots), glasses (one pair), cigarettes (pack and a half), lighter, hand-held mirror, permanent marker (one, black), wallet (with ID and some money), scalpels (3), gauze pad (1, small).


Stein's introductory episode is a good summary of his personality. He's introduced as a shadowy, mysterious former member of the DWMA who went rogue and turned one of the school's recently-deceased teachers into a malicious zombie. His former coworkers describe him as dangerous and violent and unstable, a man who is driven by sadism and an almost uncontrollable desire to dissect anything he comes in contact with. And then his first actual appearance is him rolling out of the door of his lab on a rolling chair and falling over the doorjam. And then trying again. And falling over again. Basically, he acts like a useless goofball. For about thirty seconds, before he tells the children sent to fight him (as a school project) that he's going to dissect them, and then mercilessly attacks them. In the middle of the fight, when everything's seeming hopeless for the students, he pauses to give them a chance to regroup. Then he easily defeats them, congratulates them for passing the assignment, and reveals he'd been working for the school the entire time and hadn't really been planning on killing them (though then he invites them all to stay at his lab for the night, prompting one student to exclaim that his sadist streak is for real). The episode manages to highlight all three important sides of his personality: sadistic scientist, goofy but dedicated teacher, and determined and serious fighter.

"Everything in the world is my research material. Including myself, of course."
Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of Stein's personality is his overwhelming, constant desire to dissect everything. He claims it's out of scientific curiosity, but the people who know him best know better. Like his former weapon says, Stein is just a sadistic pleasure-seeker, who hurts people because he enjoys it. As a child, Stein's sadism, poor impulse control, and overwhelming curiosity was noticeable enough that he was assessed by doctors in an attempt to determine a cause. The experience left him with a lifelong dislike of the mental health profession and a firm conviction that nothing that happened in his life caused his mental instability, that it's just an innate part of who he is. His childhood actions (whatever they were is left vague, but based on flashbacks that happen slightly later in the story, he probably tried to dissect a classmate) brought him to the attention of Lord Death, who decided that someone so blatantly drawn to violence and chaos needed to either be controlled or destroyed, and pulled Stein out of whatever mental hospital he was being kept in and trained him as a meister. As he grew up, his tendency to violently take apart anything that interested him was mostly focused into productive channels, like killing monsters and researching immoral things like how to create zombies.

"Lastly, please promise me this: that you won't lose your lives."
For someone so blatantly and unapologetically sadistic, Stein is incredibly concerned about his friends, students, and even people he doesn't know. He protects his students in battles, making sure that he's the one to take on dangerous opponents and situations instead of them. When Soul, one of his students, is severely injured, Stein focuses on him instead of the opponent in the battle, and then later reassures Soul's partner that the boy is going to be fine despite Soul's condition being complicated and potentially dangerous (a case where he could have told the truth, and instead lied to protect a child's feelings). When he fights the witch Medusa and discovers that she was using Crona, her own child, as research material for scientific experiments, he's visibly outraged. The thought of a parent harming their own child is absolutely abhorrent to him, and throughout the rest of the series he pays attention to Crona and tries to help them.

"It's too soon for me to fall apart. There are still things I have to do."
Throughout much of the series, Stein is under a huge amount of stress. Essentially, his character arc is about the struggle of a mentally ill person who knows his behavior is culturally unacceptable and morally wrong, but still knows that he can't change who he is. At the beginning of the series, he seems fairly content with the situation he's in, working for Lord Death as a researcher (and long-term substitute teacher). But as the series progresses, it becomes obvious that he still has some extreme issues to work through. The turning point in the series is the reawakening of the Kishin Asura, a god of insanity and fear who's soul is powerful enough to drive the entire world insane just by existing. Because of his preexisting tendencies towards insanity, Stein is especially susceptible, and spends the majority of the series struggling with his own beliefs as he slowly slips further into hallucinations and instability. Eventually, he does manage to find a middle ground, where he realizes that the people around him care about him regardless of his behavior, but that he does want to follow the rules set in place by Death. Outwardly, his character arc ends basically where it started, but with him much more at peace with himself and his place in the world.

Flavor Abilities: Stein is extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat (he's considered the DWMA's best fighter, which means he's the most skilled human fighter in the world) and medical/surgical situations (especially trauma surgery).

After removing things that would give a survival advantage (like his soul-related powers and the accelerated healing, easily surviving things that should kill him, and jumping over really tall things that comes from being in a shonen anime), he's just a highly trained and talented human, with no flavor abilities of note. He does somehow have a giant piece of metal stuck through his skull with no apparent ill-effects but that's not so much an ability as ~anime~


RP Samples:
test drive and test drive
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Level: 1
HP: 4/6
MP: 1/6
Phys Att: 3/6
Magic Att: 0/6
Defense: 3/6
Speed: 5/6
Stamina: 2/6

Doubleteam - increases speed by one.
Trap find - locates any traps in the area.
Stun shot - momentarily stuns a target.
Rest - doubles rate of stamina restore, cannot attack while resting.

Quest points:



(3) HP potions
(3) MP potions
(1) stamina potion
(1) revival potion
(1) ring that protects against stuns
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In Soul Eater, every soul has a specific wavelength, and soul perception is used to pick up on that wavelength. Soul perception lets the user locate and identify souls in the area (human or non-human), recognize specific abilities and species traits, and pick up on basic personality aspects.

It is an active, not passive ability, and must be switched on and off.

People with soul perception, or who are in any way spiritually perceptive can usually tell when soul perception is being used on them (usually described as an intense, slightly creepy stare).

So, I have some questions to ask about your character, since Stein is going to be using soul perception quite a bit.

1. Do they have a soul? What species are they?
2. A short, general description of their overall personality, and their moral standing (basically, good or evil?): (for example: Blackā˜†Star's soul.
3. If they have some defining physical traits or character themes, those may appear as well (for example, Soul and Maka have Maka's pigtails and Soul's sharp teeth, and Kid, Liz, and Patti have Kid's stripes and Liz and Patti's cowgirl hats.
4. Does your character eat human souls?

IC Contact

Mar. 16th, 2012 04:27 pm
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You've reached Doctor Franken Stein. Leave a message, and I'll get back to you.


Mar. 16th, 2012 04:25 pm
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Anon and screening should be on, IP logging should be off.

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Player Information

Name: Hydok
Age: 21
AIM SN: swarmqueenhydok
email: swarmqueen.hydok[at]
Have you played in an LJ based game before? yep!
Currently Played Characters: none
Conditional: Activity Check Link: n/a
Conditional: Official Reserve Link: n/a

Character Information

Canon Source: Soul Eater
Canon Format: Anime
Character's Name: Dr. Franken Stein
Character's Age: ... 28-30 ish
Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played. n/a

What form will your character's NV take? A small, pocket-sized square mirror that doubles as a touchscreen. Because communicating through mirrors is canon.

Character's Canon Abilities: Stein is a meister, and the best to graduate Shibusen so far. He has a wide range of soul-based abilities in addition to his proficiency in hand-to-hand and armed combat. In the anime, he fights without a weapon, with a scythe, and with a massive hammer.

Soul Perception: One of the most basic traits for a meister, though one that not every meister has. In Soul Eater, every soul has a specific wavelength, and soul perception is used to pick up on that wavelength. While usually depicted as a sight-based ability, it has also been described as "smelling" (by Black*Star) or "hearing" (by Soul), though those two examples were one partner without soul perception using their more perceptive partner as a medium. Soul perception lets the user locate and identify souls in the area (human or non-human), recognize specific abilities and species traits, and pick up on basic personality aspects. It is an active, not passive ability, and must be switched on and off. People with soul perception, or who are in any way spiritually perceptive can usually tell when soul perception is being used on them (usually described as an intense, slightly creepy stare).

Wavelength Control: All souls have wavelengths, and understanding and manipulating them is key to a weapon/meister partnership. If the wavelengths of the partners are not properly aligned, it becomes difficult (if not entirely impossible) for them to work together as a team. Misaligned wavelengths result in a weapon being too heavy to lift, or burning their meister. Attempting to force wavelengths to match up has been shown to cause pain to both parties. Stein is a master of wavelength manipulation, and is able to alter his own wavelength in order to partner up with any weapon, or to absorb wavelength attacks.

Soul Force: Because of his immense capability for matching wavelengths, Stein also has the ability to change his soul wavelength to be the most harmful to his opponent's soul. He can then force his wavelength into them with an open-handed strike. This has many of the same results as being hit by an electrical attack would, with the additional ability to force the wavelengths of a weapon and meister out of alignment.

Stein is able to use an additional wavelength manipulation, Soul Stitching, to form literal sutures with his wavelength, which he uses to stitch himself or an opponent to a surface, stitch shut nerves to paralyze an opponent, or stitch up injuries. However, he can only use this attack when fighting with Spirit, who is a master at wavelength control, and so will not be able to use it in the Port.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? n/a
Weapons: n/a

Character History: Wiki. The history portion follows manga rather than anime canon (a split that happens mid-way through the "Post Kishin's Revival" section in the wiki) but I will be taking him from a canonpoint before the split.
Point in Canon: Episode 25 of the anime. The Kishin has revived, Stein killed Medusa (or thought he did, but it is later revealed that she escaped), and everything is calming down for a little while while all the sides involved prepare for the massive battles they know will take place.

Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: n/a

Character Personality: Let me just preface this by saying that Soul Eater is one of those canons where pretty much every single character is just plain weird, and Franken Stein is absolutely no exception. When he's first introduced, Stein is pretty much the perfect "mad scientist" figure. He lives in a creepy house in the woods, cuts apart animals and puts them back together, made a zombie out of a dead schoolteacher, and then threatens to take apart the students who tried to come and stop him. After he actually starts teaching at the school, he's shown to be a bit less creepy than he initially presented himself as, though he still somehow manages to turn every single class into a dissection lesson.

In a world where "good" and "order" are essentially the same thing, Stein is a man with a massive bent towards chaos. For his entire life, he's been driven by an intense curiosity and a hatred for man-made rules and authority. This usually manifests itself in his desire to cut things apart. Things, animals, people, anything that he can take apart and put back together (including himself, the scars on his body were nearly all self-inflicted, and he put the screw in his head). He has developed good control over this impulse, though in the past he dissected lots of things, including his weapon, Spirit Albarn (a habit that eventually resulted in Spirit leaving him). Currently, he mostly uses it as a rather effective threat for keeping students and co-workers in line.

Stein's emotional capacity is... odd, to put it simply. He has a reputation for being incredibly emotionally detached and distant, it's been said more than once that he has no capability for real emotional attachments, and even Stein himself has said that he doesn't really understand most emotions. However, he is able to form friendships, shows real care and compassion for his students, and becomes enraged at the mistreatment of a child he does not even know. He has difficulty with emotions, but he does at the very least try to understand, and is not as completely lacking in feeling as some might assume.

As I mentioned before, Stein is inherently chaotic in a world where "order" is the basis for good. He has an intense dislike of his chaotic side, and relies on the "rule of god" to keep it in check. Basically, while he hates the rules and regulations set down by man, he has convinced himself to hold to the rules that Lord Death sets in place simply because they are rules made by a god and not by humans. Because this is the one concept that really holds him in check, he clings to it intensely, and refuses to let himself be swayed from it.

The main problem that Stein faces is Asura's madness stirring up Stein's own latent insanity. In Soul Eater, insanity has a very clear meaning. It is the loss of (or attempted loss of) fear resulting in a loss of self control, activated through some sort of outside influence (usually either the Kishin or Black Blood). Oftentimes (as in Stein's case) it is preluded by a massive amount of hallucinations designed to terrify so that the individual affected by insanity will give into it more quickly. Stein is naturally (because of his destructive and chaotic personality) very vulnerable to insanity, and immediately after the Kishin's revival begins experiencing fits of hallucination and hysterics, and difficulty in remaining self-controlled. He does everything he can to fight it off, since he is aware of how many people are relying on him, and his role in training up a new generation of meisters and weapons, but he is also aware that it is a losing battle, and if the Kishin is not defeated, he will eventually succumb entirely to madness.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: n/a

Character Plans: Well first he is going to dissect him some monsters heck yes. And then probably dissect more monsters. And then cut open some darkness creatures. He will not be pleased with them vanishing at dawn. Beyond that, I'm not quite sure yet.

Appearance/PB: iconset

Writing Samples

First Person Sample

[The man who flicks on the video is the very model of sane and normal human. And by that I mean he has a stitched-up face, a massive screw stuck entirely through his head, and is wearing a turtle neck and a lab coat (also heavily stitched up in various places). He flashes a grin that is both friendly and also quite probably entirely fake.]

Hello, I'm Dr. Franken Stein. I'm new here, but I was hoping to speak with any other doctors or surgeons here in the Port.

[A pause, as he fishes a cigarette and lighter out of his jacket.]

Oh, and if any of my students are here, we need to meet up as soon as possible.

Third Person Sample

The creature under his scalpel blade is humanoid, was human at one point, but right now, it's just a research subject.

They all differ significantly, even these common ones, and so one individual won't provide him with information on the entire group, but it's interesting, and he had to actually work to kill this one, and so he has it tied down to a work table, chest laid open, ribs splayed out like a cathedral ceiling over deflated lungs, jaw cracked back to show the lamprey-like rows of pointed teeth. The internal organs seem almost the same as a human's, despite the rot, but he's looking for differences, and so he jots down what he finds on a sheet of paper. Unless the acid it spat was magically-produced (and he doubted it was, there was very little magic in this city), there should be at least one altered organ.

It's freeing to be able to dissect like this, to cut something open without worrying about what might happen if someone sees, without having to consider if this falls outside of Shinigami's rules. It's even more freeing to let himself go like this without the threat of the Kishin's wavelength, without the feeling of three eyes watching him from every corner or Medusa's smooth voice tempting him towards insanity.

There's a second tube along the trachea, and he follows it down to a gland at the base of the throat, slicing it out of the surrounding membrane and placing it carefully into a separate tray. He slits it open carefully, and a watery, ultramarine liquid oozes out. Stein grins, smile a bit too wide, a bit too pleased.

"Ah. There it is."


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